Internal Affairs

Mission: Help develop a sense of community within Krannert and internally for the Ambassadors.

  • Social Activities
  • Holiday Party
  • End of the Year Banquet


Mission: Engage the Lafayette and Purdue community with Purdue and Krannert to help maintain and build a positive relationship.

  • Trick-or-Can
  • Club Expo
  • Internal Krannert Events


Mission: Strive to enhance the Ambassadors' recruitment efforts for the School of Management by developing programs to recruit students and guiding them through experiences at Krannert.

  • Ambassador Callout
  • Photo Shoots
  • Pizza Nights

Member Development

Mission: Enhance and develop group cohesiveness by encouraging leadership and professionalism, as well as training new members.

  • Professional Development
  • Mentor/Mentee Events
  • New Member Orientation


Mission: Maintain digital aspects of Ambassadors including social media platforms to reach both current and prospective students.

  • Ambassador Applications
  • Social Media/Website
Krannert Management Ambassadors - Purdue University
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